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Israeli Army Promises To Release Information On Privileged Children Of Iran Officials

Rich kids of Tehran Instagram photo. Undated

On its Persian Twitter account, the Israeli Army (IDF) has promised to publish "interesting information" about the children of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Many of you have already heard about #therichkidsoftehran, and have wondered where are the children of the top authorities of the Iranian regime, these days," IDF twitted on Tuesday, December 24, adding, "Soon, we will publish interesting information on the subject.

The image attached to the tweet says that "interesting information about the children of the Islamic Republic's top authorities will be published within 24 hours.

In another tweet on its Persian Twitter account on Tuesday, the IDF has referred to the foundations under the control of the leaders of the Islamic republic and their closest allies, maintaining that the said foundations have $30 billion budgets but do not pay taxes.

Iranians criticize the children of regime insiders online who are often referred to as "aghazadeh" - literally "noble-born" in Farsi but also a derogatory term used to describe the privilege they enjoy and their perceived extravagance.

#therichkidsoftehran was an Instagram account that used to publish footage and images of luxury living in the posh neighborhoods of the Iranian capital city, Tehran.

Soon, similar pages were launched for Iran's second-largest city, Mashhad, the capital city of the oil-rich province of Khuzestan, Ahvaz, and the city of Isfahan, central Iran.

The pages reflected the wonderful lives of the affluent children of wealthy families across Iran. Rich and pampered children used to publish images and footage of their luxurious lives on Instagram at a time that the majority of the people in Iran were desperately struggling with economic problems.

It is yet unknown what the IDF's Persian Twitter account is going to disclose about the children of wealthy Iranians, or how it has collected the promised information.

Since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979 in Iran, Tehran and Tel Aviv have always called each other the primary enemy.

However, it is for the first time that the children of the Islamic Republic's leaders are dragged into the enmity.

Israel had earlier played a pivotal role in disclosing the Islamic Republic's clandestine nuclear activities, and some of its secret plots in the Middle East.
Furthermore, Israel has maintained that it had stolen accurate nuclear documents from the Iranian archives and moving them to Tel Aviv.

Israeli website, Walla News, reported last spring that the intelligence department of the IDF in Amman had implemented a plan to disclose the secrets of the wealthy people of Iran.

Walla news cited several officers involved in the plan as saying that they had collected information about the children of the Islamic Republic's prominent figures, including ex-President Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005), current President, Hassan Rouhani, Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Tehran's permanent representative to the U.N. Majid Takht-Ravanchi, the head of the state-run TV&Radio network, Iranian ambassadors across the globe, and others.

The U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, promised last week to restrict issuing visas for family members of top officials involved in recent crackdown on protesters.

Swedish politician and member of the European Parliament, Charlie Andreas Weimers, also lambasted the Islamic Republic on November 29 and called on European countries to refuse to entry visas for Iranian officials who violate human rights, as well as for their children.