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Iran Banning Import Of 1,500 Goods And Products Amid Economic Crunch

Security guards with their sniffer dogs patrol in front of a cargo ship in the port of Chabahar on the Gulf of Oman, southeastern Iran, near the Pakistani border, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017. FILE

Iran is banning the import of more than 1,500 “non-essential” items, amid U.S. sanctions on its oil exports, shortage of foreign currency and economic crisis.

The head of Islamic Republic’s export and import office announced on Sunday that based on new policies set by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade the import of non-essential products or items that can be produced locally has been banned, according to government news website IRNA.

The only item that was mentioned in the list of banned products is pumice, a porous volcanic rock that is commonly used in Iran to clean feet. The rock is available in Iran but for some reason quantities of pumice has been imported in recent years. The rock is also used as landscaping material and industrial abrasive.

The new policy also says that whoever can locally produce any product, will receive protection through outright bans on imports of the same product or high tariffs.

The ministry also says that the list of banned imports might expand to include more goods and products.