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Doctor Protesting Compulsory Hijab In Iran Sentenced To Delivering Babies For Free

Photo published on social media shows a young woman sitting on a police car in Iran. Undated. Later a doctor jumped on a police car as protest hijab warning.

In an unprecedented verdict, a judge in Iran has sentenced a female gynecologist to seeing patients and delivering babies for one year, free of charge, for disregarding hijab rules.

The judge sentenced the unnamed gynecologist woman for sitting on the top of a police vehicle and taking off her scarf (Islamic hijab).
The odd punishment replaces a one-year jail sentence.

"In spite of other rulings in similar cases, the Branch 4 of the public Court in the province of Alborz, west of the capital city, Tehran, decided that the suspect's crime, disregarding hijab, was not related to propaganda against the Islamic regime, and an anti-security action," the judge asserted.

Nonetheless, he noted, "Regarding the suspect's social standing and her scientific qualifications, the court decided to sentence her to a total of 1080 hours of social service including seeing patients and delivering babies free of charge for a year."

Furthermore, the gynecologist was sentenced to compile a report to encourage Iranian female physicians to respect the Islamic dress code (hijab).

The judge convicted the unnamed suspect for sitting on the top of a police vehicle after security forces stopped her car to warn her for disregarding the Islamic dress code.

The woman jumped out of her car, climbed on top of the police vehicle in protest, took off her scarf, and started waving it in the air.

A similar image was circulated on social media on Thursday, showing a young woman sitting on the top of a police vehicle to protest compulsory hijab in Urmia, the capital city of Western Azarbaijan province.

Another video published later on social media, showed the same woman regretting what she had done.

Arresting women by the so-called "chastity patrol" and police confrontation with the so-called bad-hijab-women have always made news during the past four decades since the establishment of the anti-West Islamic Republic in the country.