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In Hijab Dispute In Iran, Police Arrest Woman Who Sat On Their Car

Photo published on social media shows a young woman sitting on a police car in Iran. Undated

A woman in Iran who sat on a police car in the street as a sign of protest to criticism of her hijab was arrested.

The photo of the young woman sitting on a police car was published on social media, which prompted the police to announce she has been arrested. In the police statement the woman's name, dates or precise location are mentioned. The only information is that the incident took place in West Azerbaijan province.

Police say that they warned the woman about her hijab and as sign of protest she sat on their car and was arrested on the spot.

Iran’s regular police and special hijab enforcement patrol units have been enforcing hijab rules more strictly in recent months and there have been many other incidents of confrontation between ordinary people and law enforcement over the issue.

In addition to official law enforcement personnel, any citizen has a right to admonish someone who violates hijab rules. There have been incidents of clerics or religiously devout people confronting citizens, which have led to public shouting matches and physical altercations, with many people coming to the defense of those who were being admonished.