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Mossad Says Iran is 'Our Primary Objective'

Israel's head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen. File photo.
Israel's head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen. File photo.

The head of Israel’s spy organization, Mossad expressed deep concern about Iran’s actions and intentions in the region and against Israel, declaring that the Islamic Republic is at the top of Mossad’s list for operations.

In an event set to become an annual tradition, Yossi Cohen said that through its proxies, Iran is operating closer “than ever before” to Israel’s borders.

Cohen’s remarks were delivered during a speech at the Mossad headquarters, in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has initiated a special annual ceremony to hand out citations to six Mossad teams for their accomplishments.

According to Cohen, the Israeli intelligence service “carries out hundreds, thousands of activities every year — some of them complicated and deep within the heart of enemy countries.”

Highlighting the potential danger from Iran, Cohen said that Tehran not only arms proxy militias, but it also “continues with its vision of [achieving] significant nuclear capabilities, which is meant to lead it to a military nuclear capability.”

Apparently, Cohen chose his words carefully, not accusing Iran of violating the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.

The Times of Israel says that his speech is a rarity, since the spy chief seldom speaks in public events.

But he made it clear that Mossad will undertake measures to counteract Islamic Republic’s policies in the region.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Cohen said Mossad “undertakes hundreds and thousands of actions every year, some of which are complex and bold, in the heart of enemy states – the target countries”, with a“unique ability to work in the very heart of the target, to penetrate into the most guarded and dangerous places, and to return with a decisive achievement.”

Since its very inception, the Islamic Republic has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel.

In October 2015, Iran unveiled what it claimed to be underground ballistic missile "cities". Missiles were shown with "Israel must be wiped out" in Hebrew written on them.

With Reporting by Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel