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Israel Preparing For A 'Limited Confrontation' With Iran, Chief Of Staff Says

Israel's Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi, addresses the media at the Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv on November 12, 2019.

Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Aviv Kochavi has said Wednesday that his country is preparing for “limited confrontation with Iran”, as Tehran continues its policy of entrenchment in Syria and Iraq.

“There is a possibility that we will face a limited confrontation with Iran and we are preparing for it,” Kochavi said as he was addressing a conference in Israel.

In recent months, Israel has repeatedly warned it will not tolerate Iran’s entrenchment in the regions, which could pose a direct threat to its security.

Kochavi reiterated that the level of threat from Iran and its proxies has risen, carrying the danger of carrying out terror or rocket attacks.

He further disclosed that in recent months there were warnings of threats that Israeli military had to deal with.

Kochavi further added that Israel’s aim is to deter potential enemies. The “ultimate goal is to instill in our enemies the feeling of despair and doubt in their ability to achieve their aggressive aims.”

The Israeli commander expressed concern over the situation in Iraq, where he said Iran’s Qods force is preparing to pose a threat with missile transfers.

Explaining that Gulf Arab states are not capable of responding to Iran, Kochavi said that Israel can deal with threats, but added, “We will continue to act and responsibly”, although without much help from other countries.

Kochavi also expressed concern over Syria where he said Iranian forces and Hezbollah have advanced air-defense missiles that could threaten Israeli planes, although the air force is still operating freely in the region.

He also warned that in the next war Israel will face intense fire and must be ready for casualties. “There can be no war without casualties, and I cannot not guarantee a short war,” he said. “We will need national resilience.” The only option is to prepare militarily for that contingency.