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Police Commander: Security Measures Have Been Increased

Iran -- Police Special forces gathering in Tehran on Saturday October 1, 2016.

A day after the twin terror attacks in Tehran, the national commander of police, Hossein Ashtari announced extra security measures at sensitive sites in the country, “to prevent possible incidents”.

At the same time, the police information center issued a statement assuring citizens that they would not allow “terrorists” to rob the country of its “unparalleled security.”

Also, according to Mizan News Agency, the Tehran police commander, Hossein Sajedinia has announced that security measures have been tightened in metro stations, sports stadiums and other public venues.

He added that the increased security measures will continue for the coming days.

On June 7, half a dozen well-armed attackers entered the administrative building of the Iranian parliament in the center of Tehran and ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s mausoleum in the south of the city in what turned into a bloody siege. In the end seventeen people were killed and fifty injured. The attackers, except one woman, were also killed, according to Iranian authorities.

This was an unprecedented terror act in Iran and as it was still going on, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility and released a short video allegedly showing scenes from inside the parliament.

Iranian intelligence released more information about the attackers, saying that were all Iranian citizens who were recruited by Takfiri, Sunni extremist groups and had fought in Iraq and Syria, before returning to Iran to conduct “terror operations”.

Iranian authorities usually use the term Takfiri to Sunni extremists allegedly linked to Saudi Arabia.