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Iran Revolutionary Guards Links Terrorist Attacks to Trump Meeting with Saudi Leaders

Iranian police special forces outside parliament during Wednesday attack

Following the deadly attacks on two key locations in Tehran, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Corps (IRGC) has linked the events to the recent meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi leaders in an official statement on June 7.

“The public opinion of the people of the world deems this act of terrorism quite telltale, happening only one week after the meeting between the U.S. president and leaders of a reactionary government in the region and coinciding with Islamic State’s claiming responsibility for the attacks,” said the statement.

Without directly naming what the IRGC dubbed as “the reactionary government,” the statement accused Riyadh of supporting “Takfiri terrorists.”

Iranian officials have often described the Saudi government as "reactionary."

Elsewhere in the statement, the IRGC vowed to avenge the lives of those killed in Tuesday's events.

Within an hour of the terrorist attack, an IRGC special unit backed by police surrounded the terrorists and "annihilated them," the statement said.

Multiple sources, including the Interior Ministry, had earlier reported that four gunmen entered an administrative building of the Parliament. However, the IRGC statement says “three terrorists entered the constituents building under guise.”

The statement confirms simultaneous attacks on Ayatollah Khomeini’s mausoleum by two suicide bombers but says one was gunned down by the police.