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Iran Says Its Delegation Did Not Receive US Visas To Attend IMF-WB Meeting

Iran's Economy Minister Farhad Dezhpasand, File photo

Iran says the visit of its minister of economy and his delegation to the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World bank in the U.S. was cancelled because Washington refused to issue visas.

The minister, Farhad Dezhpasand wrote a letter on October 24 to the head of the World Bank protesting the “baseless hurdles” and “imposing illegal limitations” by the U.S., the official news agency IRNA reported.

However, the annual meeting already took place between October 14-20 and Iran’s protest to the World Bank took place after the gathering.

So far, no news or reaction has been reported from U.S. authorities regarding any possible rejection of visas for the Iranian delegation..

Following intensification of tensions between Iran and the United States at the beginning of May, the U.S. administration issued a directive limiting visits by senior Iranian officials and their family members to the country. Based on this decision only the Secretary of State can grant exceptions.

In its protest letter Iran has said that preventing representatives of member countries to attend the meetings of the World Bank violates its charter.