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Activist's Father Says They Beat Her As they Took Her Away

Iranian civil and labor activist Sepideh Qolian. File photo
Iranian civil and labor activist Sepideh Qolian. File photo

The father of detained civil activist Sepideh Qolian says security agents did not show an arrest warrant and her whereabouts remain unknown.

Qolian who was arrested once in November during labor protests in Shush, southwestern Iran and later complained of torture in prison, was arrested again on January 20.

In an interview with Radio Farda, her father Khodarahm Qolian said more than ten hulky security officials suddenly showed up and arrested his daughter and son, telling him, “It is not your business” when he asked what was going on.

Mr. Qolian added that they were beating his daughter and son as they took them away.

When Qolian and a labor leader who was arrested at the same time in November accused intelligence agents in early January of torture in prison, authorities first promised to investigate but soon the tables turned, and officials began accusing them of breaking the law.

On Saturday, Iran’s state TV broadcast a film showing the “confessions” of the prisoners and Qolian immediately tweeted that they were forced to make self-incriminating confessions, which proves they were tortured.

Hours later Qolian and her brother were taken away.

Qolian’s father also said that when they released her after her first detention they told her that if she speaks out they will “burn her to ashes”.

The father’s repeated attempts to get information about his children’s whereabouts have been unsuccessful.