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Iran Cleric Says U.S. Aircraft Carrier Can Be Destroyed 'With One Missile'

Iran - Yusef Tabatabei Nejad

Amid the ongoing verbal confrontation between Iranian and American officials, the Friday Prayer Imam in Isfahan told a congregation May 10 the U.S. aircraft career sent to the region can be destroyed by one missile.

Earlier this week, the United States announced the deployment of USS Abraham Lincoln task force to the Middle East to confront possible new threats from Iran. Iranian officials reacted harshly to the U.S. move.

Isfahan’s prayer leader Yusef Tabatabaei Nezhad, who is Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative in the city, also reacted to the tense situation telling worshipers, “Their billion dollar naval force will be destroyed by one missile, and if they try to make a move, they will be threatened with dozens of missiles, because in such an event it won’t be up to cautious officials, it would be up to our beloved leader”.

According to semi-official ISNA, Tabatabaei Nezhad added, “We all stand behind our leader and enemies won’t be able to do a damn thing”.

Other Friday Prayer leaders also in a coordinated manner condemned the U.S. move to dispatch an aircraft carrier to the region.