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City Councilor's House Hit By Gunfire In Khuzestan

AK-47, Kalashnikov, the most famous assault rifle in the world.

Unidentified individuals have opened fire on the residence of a member of Andimeshk City Council, in Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran, local media reported on Wednesday, November 22.

According to a local website, Andimeshk News Agency, ANNA, “Unidentified assailants attacked Sajjad Haydari’s house at 3:10 am, Tuesday”.

Confirming the report, Andimeshk-e Javan (Young Andimishk) also reported that the assailants armed with AK-47 assault rifles fired eight rounds at the house before leaving the scene.

However, nobody was hurt in the attack, according to these reports.

Attacking residential places with assault rifles is quite rare in the Islamic Republic since it’s extremely difficult to acquire such weapons.

Earlier, the residence of Andimeshk’s conservative MP, and chairman of the parliament’s Energy Commission, Feraydoun Hassanvand was also attacked. Unidentified attackers, riding a vehicle, opened fire at Hassanvand house, injured one and fled.

Though the local media reported that the security and police forces chased the assailants but, none of them have been caught so far.

Responding to the attack, Andimeshk’s Friday Prayer Leader, condemned the shooting and described it as an “evil act”, insisting without elaboration that “there’s no doubt” that the aggressors had “un-Islamic and illegitimate demands”.

Mostafa Hosseini Nouri called for decisive action against the attackers and commented, “Prosecuting four of these elements for public disturbance, in an open court, will put an end to such lawlessness”.

Meanwhile, city of Andimeshk, in Khuzestan has recently been the scene of armed clashes particularly between Arabic speaking local tribes.

On Friday, July 28, the head of Medical Emergency Center of Khuzestan announced, “31 people were wounded during a shootout in Andimeshk’s Chamgolak”.

According to this official, the shooting between members of two local tribes broke out on Thursday afternoon, July 27, and left many wounded who have been admitted to hospital”.