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Commander Says Iran Army Ground Force To Be A 'Special Mobile Assault Force'

An infantry drill in the central Isfahan province, January 25, 2019

A commander of Iranian Army's Ground Force says the force has changed its mission to become "a mobile assault force," reported Tasnim news agency on Monday May 20.

Tasnim quoted Brigadier Ali Hajilou, the commander of the northwestern headquarters of the Iranian army's ground forces as having said that the army's ground force has left behind its traditional defensive approach and has now changed into a "special mobile assault force."

Iran has two separate military forces; the traditional army and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC). Hajilou is an army commander.

Last January, the both the commanders of IRGC and the army ground forces has announced a change in their approach to adopt a more “offensive” approach.

This comes while the Iranian army's mission has been defensive for decades.

He said the change was made following a review of the structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran's army.

Saying that the army has had a major contribution to the war against ISIS, he added that the ground force plays a pivotal role in the army's new structure.

Meanwhile, Hajilou said that the United States is not capable of military confrontation with Iran, adding that Iran's influence goes beyond the Mediterranean region.

However, he added that Iran does not want to start any war.