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Young Protester's Tomb In Iran Was Desecrated, Says Outspoken Father

Grave of Pouya Bakhtiari who was killed by security forces in Novermebr, in Beheshe Sakineh in the town of Karaj, west of Tehran, December 26, 2019.

A man whose son was shot dead by the Islamic Republic security forces during last November’s widespread anti-regime protests says his tomb has been desecrated.

In a video message posted on his Instagram page, Manouchehr Bakhtiari said on Friday, May 29, "Our message for seeking justice has frightened the establishment. They (Islamic Republic agents) visited my Pouya's shrine yesterday and by disrespecting him vandalized his grave and tried to incite the emotions of his mother, sister, and relatives to threaten and suppress them."

However, Manouchehr Bakhtiari has stopped short of elaborating on the details of the "disrespect" or "desecration".

Pouya Bakhtiari was shot in the head on Novemebr 16, probably by a government sniper, as he came out with his mother and sister in Karaj near Tehran to peacefully protest in the street.

His father Manuchehr, has since been demanding justice by taking risky actions that would easily send anyone in Iran to jail. He has released videos, given interviews to foreign-based media and call for a regime change, voicing support for the return of monarchy. Although authorities once arrested him and his wife but later they released them and have so far left them alone.

In his Instagram message Manuchehr Bakhtiari reiterated that his protests will continue, and his efforts will turn into a national demand. He has already become a well-known figure, loved by anti-regime Iranians.

A few days ago, Bakhtiari, who fought for five years in the devastating Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), posted a picture of himself on Instagram holding the pre-Islamic Revolution ancient flag of Iran, the tri-colored Lion&Sun standard.

The Islamic Republic has so far refused to publish the official number of protesters killed during the four-day-long anti-regime unrest in 29 out of 31 provinces of Iran. Human rights watchdogs, Iranian opposition groups and independent media say hundreds were killed.