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Young Iranian Immigrant May Unseat Boris Johnson In Today's Elections

Poster by the Ali Milani Campaign Inviting Boris Johnson for A Debate

A 25-year-old Iranian immigrant who is running against UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in today's general elections may unseat the PM if he and the Labour Party are in luck in Oxbridge-South Ruislip constituency.

"I have the same story as millions of other people in this country, which allows me to connect with them on a level that I don’t think Boris can," Ali Milani who organized student protests against Johnson in 2015 was quoted by Evening Standard as saying on November 29.

Johnson won the seat for the constituency in 2017 with the smallest majority of any British leader since 1924. The PM may have to stand down if he loses his seat even if his party wins the elections. According to a recent poll, however, the constituency is "likely" to remain conservative.

Milani, also an anti-Brexit campaigner, grew up in a council house in Wembley in a single-parent family and studied in local schools. He told The Guardian he and his team have rung nearly every doorbell in Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency.

He presents himself as a people's candidate appealing for change, taking advantage of the fact that he did not come from the elite.