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Wife of Ecologist Who Died In Jail Allowed To Leave Iran After Two Years

Iranian-Canadian professor Kavous Seyed-Emami and his wife Maryam Mombini in an unidentified location in Iran. FILE undated

Maryam Mombini, the wife of environmentalist Kavous Seyyed Emami, who died in custody at Evin prison in Tehran in February 2018, has arrived in Canada after nearly two years of being barred from traveling abroad after her husband's mysterious death.

Kavous Seyyed Emami was jailed with several other environmentalists who are still in prison for alleged espionage. However, Mr. Emami was found dead in his cell two weeks after his arrest and Judiciary officials tried to portray his death as suicide.

Subsequently, his wife was barred from leaving Iran to make sure that her sons, who left for Canada at the time, would not tell the world about the cause of Emami's death.

Emami's children who live in Canada broke the news of their mother finally leaving Iran and joining them in a tweet on Friday: " We are finally reunited with our beautiful mother! We spent 582 days dreaming of this moment. We’re still in shock and trying to process our emotions. Thank you to everyone who cared for and supported us during this journey. We are truly grateful," the tweet read.

Canadian officials had repeatedly called on Iran to let Emami's wife leave Iran and unite with her children.

Official news agency IRNA quoted the family's lawyer as having said that she left the country legally.

Eight environmentalists still remain in jail in Tehran because of the Islamic Republic's paranoia about espionage, with no prospect for an end to their imprisonment anytime soon.