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US Says Policy Of Sanctions To Continue Until Iran Changes Course

Brian Hook, U.S. Special Representative for Iran stands with White House National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien. January 10, 2020. FILE PHOTO

The U.S. National Security Council referring to the latest sanctions imposed on Iran says sanctions will continue until the Islamic Republic “ceases to pose a threat to international peace and Security.”

In a tweet July 31 The NSC refers to new sanctions announced the previous day. “The United States has expanded sanctions on metals and other material used in Iran’s nuclear, military, or ballistic missile programs.”

The NSC added, “Sanctions will continue until the Iranian regime ceases to pose a threat to international peace and security.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced sanctions against Iran’s metals industry, adding 22 materials to the U.S. sanctions regime, a move that allows Washington to blacklist any company or entity that transfers the materials to Iran.

Pompeo said the 22 specific materials added to its sanctions list were used in connection with Iran's nuclear, military, or ballistic-missile programs, which “pose a grave threat to international peace and security."

The materials include aluminum powder with purity of 98 percent. The material is a key ingredient in solid-fuel propellants used to launch missiles.

Pompeo characterized the move as a considerable expansion of sanctions on Iran’s metals industry.

In June the U.S. Treasury Department blacklisted four steel, aluminum and iron companies operating in Iran's metals sector, as well as sales agents of Iran's largest steel manufacturer it said generate tens of millions of dollars for Tehran's metals industry.

Before tough U.S. sanction were imposed in 2018, Iran was expanding its metals exports to regional countries and earning billions of dollars, supplementing its crude oil exports revenues.