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US Says Iranian People Asking For Transparency From Their Government

U.S. state department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus. File photo

The State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus tweeted on Sunday that the United States stands by the people of Iran, as tens of thousands in nearly 100 Iranian cities have protested a gasoline price hike and in general against the Islamic Republic establishment.

Secretary of State Mile Pompeo also retweeted an older tweet yesterday, saying the United States “The United States is with you”.

Ortagus in her tweet says that the U.S. backs demands of protesters for transparency from their government, as it failed to invest billions it received after agreeing to the 2015 nuclear accord for improving the lives of its people.

As Iran has shut down almost all internet connection in the country since Saturday evening, it is not clear what the situation was on Sunday in many cities, but it appears protests have continued in some places.

There are worrisome reports about the possible death of dozens of people, as security forces fired on the protesters. Reports also speak of hundreds arrested.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has rejected proposals to roll back the price increase and has called the protesters “thugs”.