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Official U.S. Sites Hacked With Pro-IS Message

Several government websites in the United states, many of them in the state of Ohio, have had to be shut down after being hacked to display a message supporting the extremist group Islamic State (IS).

A group calling itself Team System DZ posted a message on June 25 on the website of Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich, saying President Donald Trump would be held accountable for "every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries."

"I love Islamic State," it also said.

The message was written mainly in the black and white used in the IS flag and displayed a white symbol with what looked like Arabic script.

Reports said the same message infiltrated other official websites in Ohio, the town of Brookhaven in New York, and Howard County in Maryland.

Some of the websites remained out of service early on June 26.

The group, known as Team System DZ, has claimed responsibility for hacks in the past.

Based on reporting by AP, dpa, and BBC