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US Cracks Down on 4 Companies For Providing Aircraft Parts To Iran’s Mahan Air

Mahan Airbus A310 taxies at Duesseldorf International Airport. Undated

The US has suspended the export licenses of a Turkish company and three of its subsidiary firms for exporting US-made aircraft parts to an Iranian Airline.

CBS News reported on Monday that the US took the measure in early February, but the media missed the story.

The report quoted US deputy-secretary of commerce Mira Ricardel as having said on February 5 that the measure shows doing business with Iran in defiance of the United States’ export regulations would not be tolerated.

A statement released by the US Department of Commerce said that Gulnahal Yeganeh, a Turkish national, had established a series of companies that purchased aircraft equipment from US on behalf of Iran’s Mahan Air.

Mahan Air has been subjected to sanctions by the United States on charges of “airlifting weapons and military forces to Syria.”

A Wall Street Journal report on the same development concludes that what the Turkish companies did would strengthen the position of those in the Trump administration who oppose the deal between Iran and the aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Following Iran’s nuclear deal with the West, Boeing concluded a contract with Iran in 2016 that was worth $16.6 billion.

Iran has been planning to renovate its outdated airline fleet, but the development casts a shadow of doubt on the future of its plans.

According to CBS News, possible cancellation of Iran’s contract with Boing is likely to affect the implementation of Iran’s nuclear deal with the West.

At the same time, such a development might also affect the deal between Tehran and Airbus.

Although Airbus is a European company, it got the go-ahead to sell aircraft to Iran only after the US gave it the green light following the conclusion of the nuclear deal with Iran.