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US Criticizes Disqualification Of Candidates In Upcoming Iran Parliamentary Elections

U.S. state department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus has criticized disqualification of candidates in Iran's Majles elections.

The U.S. State Department spokeswoman on January 28 criticized disqualification of would-be candidates in Iran's upcoming parliamentary elections and said the remaining candidates all look alike.

Most candidates in Iran's next election have been disqualified by the Khamenei-appointed Guardian Council, Morgan Ortegus wrote in a tweet on January 28 and added: "No wonder all the remaining candidates look alike".

On January 27, Iran reformists' Policy-Making High Council in a statement said the election watchdog, Guardian Council, has not approved ninety percent of its candidates for running in the elections. If they are not approved in the remaining days, reformists will have no candidates for 230 out of the 290 seats of the Parliament, the statement said.

The statement also said in more than 160 constituencies there will be no competition, even amongst hardliners and conservatives, collectively known as "Principlists". "In about 70 constituencies, in best case scenario, there will be a low-key competition just amongst Principlists," the statement said.

The Council also warned that if its candidates are not approved it will not participate in the elections only to "beautify" the elections, in other words, to give legitimacy to the elections by making it look like all political factions are represented in it.

The major rival camps in Iran's parliamentary elections are Principlists and reformists.

Registration of candidates for the 208 constituencies represented in the Majles began on October 28 and lasted for four days.