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More Than 50 Injured In Double Quake In Iran

Archive photo
Archive photo

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has hit western Iran hours before a second quake shook Damavand Province near the capital Tehran, Iranian state media reported on March 31.

The state-run IRNA reported that the 5.3 earthquake hit the city of Sarpol-e Zahab in Kermanshah Province. According to the report 54 people were injured and received treatment. Most of the injured have been released.

Hours later a second quake of 4.2 magnitude reportedly hit an area 90 km from Tehran. There have been no casualties reported.

Kermanshah Province has not recovered from a massive earthquake in November that left more than 600 dead. A 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit Kermanshah on November 12, forcing locals into the streets and rushing to recover neighbors trapped under the rubble.

In addition to the hundreds that perished, more than 70,000 citizens were displaced due to the quake.

Eversince, there have been reports of children and adults dying of the cold. Meanwhile there have been numerous reports of victims committing or attempting suicide.