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UPDATED: Two Armed Attacks In Iran In The Last 24 Hours

People protest at the arrest of a Sunni cleric in the town of Sarbaz in Iran's Sistan and Baluchistan-- Apr 2017. File photo

There were two armed attacks on government and economic targets in Iran on February 5 and 6, in the southeastern and western parts of the country.

Iranian media reports say that Tuesday evening unknown attackers opened fire on a police and government building in the south of Sistan-Baluchistan province, in the town of Sarbaz, not too far from the Pakistani border.

A government official said no one was hurt and the situation is calm. Sistan-Baluchistan has a substantial Sunni population, unhappy with the economic conditions in the province and complaining of official discrimination. Sunni militant groups have been active in the area for years.

There were two other attacks during the past week in Sistan-Baluchistan. In one attack, assailants opened fire at a revolutionary guard base killing one soldier and injuring other. Sunni militants took responsibility.

On Wednesday, ISNA reported that a fuel truck exploded when unidentified attackers opened fire near Khorramabad, western Iran. The assailants also opened fire at the police and soldiers present at the location of the attack, killing one army draftee and injuring a police officer.

Apparently, the fuel truck standing at a gas station was collateral damage and the intended target were security forces.

Later on Wednesday Fars news agency run by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps reported that five suspects have been arrested in the Khorramabad incident, without providing information on their identities or motives.