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News Analysis: President Trump's Debut Abroad Packs Unconventional Twists

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the start of the NATO summit at the alliance's new headquarters in Brussels on May 25.

Most U.S. presidents have made their first trip abroad to nearby destinations like Canada or Mexico. But if there’s one thing Donald Trump has proven over his first four months in office, it's that he’s no conventional president.

Instead of dipping his toes into safe diplomatic waters, the current U.S. commander in chief embarked on a nine-day whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe that included stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Brussels, Rome, and Sicily.

Amid bruising battles at home over a proposed budget, health care, his firing of an FBI director, and investigations into contacts with Russia, Trump was hoping to win over a global audience that is skeptical over his administration’s “America First” agenda.

His attempts to build relationships with leaders of key allies appear to have yielded mixed results, giving both supporters and critics plenty of ammunition.

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