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Tehran Police May Allow Some Night Life Under Pressure From Businesses

Tehran Police commander Hossein Rahimi (R) and head of Iran's Police forces Hossein Ashtari, in a ceremony in Tehran, undated.

Tehran Police Chief Hossein Rahimi appears to have changed his mind about night life in Tehran in what seems to be a U-turn from his previous hardline position.

Police Chief who had ruled out any night life in Tehran after 1 PM in an interview earlier this week, said on Wednesday June 19 "The police has not made its final decision yet," adding that his men are currently addressing traffic and security aspects of the matter.

It was only a few days ago when Rahimi dismissed the idea of night life in Tehran after a Tehran City Councillor, Zahra Nejad Bahram, suggested that some restaurants and coffee shops in designated areas can remain open until 3 PM.

"There is no such thing as night life in Tehran," he had said, adding that business that remain open till late will be dealt with. Other Police commanders had also ruled out the idea at the time.

Rahimi said the police needs to be fair to businesses that according to him had complained about the implications of his previous remarks for their business.

In Iran, where drinking in public is prohibited and men and women cannot go out together unless they are married to each other, night life means simply having dinner and sipping tea or coffee under the watchful eyes of the police and chastity patrols.