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Tehran Develops New Short-Range Missiles

Missile made in Iran called Ghamar Bani Hashem

Mehr news agency in Iran says Iran has "designed and manufactured" three new types of missiles.

According to Mehr, the three air-launched missiles are Heydar, Qamar Bani Hashem, and Dehlavieh.

The missiles have been developed by the Iranian Ministry of Defense in collaboration with the army's Helicopter Unit, the report said.

Mehr reported the range of these missiles as eight kilometres, adding that they are capable of carrying searching devices.

The report says the new missiles are currently at the test phase, but will soon be mass produced and mounted on the wings of Iran's 209 fighters.

Previously, Iran developed missiles with ranges over 2,000 kilometers. Western powers have strongly opposed Iran's ballistic missile program in the past and Tehran's reluctance to discuss the matter has led to further isolation of the country whose economy is hit by sanctions.