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Tehran Crisis Shelters Prepared For Convalescence Of Coronavirus Patients

A crisis shelter built by Tehran Municipality for emergencies such as earthquake. FILE PHOTO

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the Chief of Crisis Management Organization of Tehran Municipality said his organization has prepared 8 of its crisis shelters in Tehran for convalescence of coronavirus patients in a safe environment.

Reza Karami said only shelters in safe distance of residential areas have been chosen and equipped for the purpose. "Given that many organizations including the regular army and the Revolutionary Guard are now involved [and offering logistic support], it seems that these 8 crisis management shelters which have been equipped by Tehran Municipality will be enough," he said.

According to Karami the Health Ministry requested the use of the shelters but so far their use has not been required. "But I've heard that one of the shelters may be used in the coming days," he said.

In a tweet on March 7, Gholam-Hossein Mohammadi, an adviser to the Mayor of the capital, had said that the 8 crisis shelters had been equipped with a total of 500 hospital beds for convalescence of patients.

Ali E'ta, Spokesman of Tehran City Council, was quoted by Borna News Agency on Wednesday as saying that a shelter in southern Tehran reportedly set on fire by local residents who were opposed to using it for coronavirus patients has not been damaged at all.

"A few, about 20, gathered in front of the shelter and meant to incite the public [to violence] by setting fire to waste collection bins," he said. According to E'ta the situation was resolved quickly after authorities went to the scene and offered explanations to the public.

"The shelter was not among those allocated to housing coronavirus patients," he said and added that no one will be allowed to cause any disruption in the process of serving patients even if the shelter is designated for such use. "Police will ensure the security of the shelters," he said.

Tehran Municipality has over a hundred crisis shelters around the city for emergencies such as earthquakes and epidemics.

According to the Mayor of District 6 of Mashhad where the rate of coronavirus infection has gone up at an alarming rate, a crisis shelter has been equipped for receiving coronavirus patients if their numbers exceed the number of hospital beds.