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Talks Between Iran And France Last Ten Hours On Monday

File photo - Iranian deputy foreign minister Abbbas Araqchi (Center) accompanies French envoy Emmanuel Bonne (Right) upon arrival for a meeting with Iranian foreign minister, in Tehran, Iran, 10 July 2019

Iran’s embassy in Paris has said in a tweet that talks between the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi and French officials lasted ten hours on Monday.

Iran’s government spokesman announced earlier on Monday Iran’s and France's views have become closer over Tehran's nuclear deal, mainly after phone calls between President Hassan Rouhani and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

Iran has been demanding from Europe to buy oil and help Iran in trade despite U.S. sanctions, otherwise Tehran will gradually reduce its compliance with the 2015 nuclear agreement. Already Tehran has increased its uranium enrichment both in quantity and purity. Another Iranian deadline is set for Friday, September 6.

French President Emmanuel Macron has become an active mediator in recent weeks, reportedly proposing a reduction in U.S. sanctions in exchange for Iran to return to full compliance, which could lead to less tension between Washington and Tehran.

The French foreign ministry only said on Monday that “a delegation, including experts of the ministry of economy” are conducting negotiations aimed at reducing tensions.