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Syria, Opposition Say Israeli Airstrikes Hit Iran Targets Near Aleppo, 7 Killed

Air Force F-15 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration. File photo

After a relatively long lull in Israeli airstrikes in Syria since January, reports say Israel attacked Iranian-linked targets near Aleppo on March 27.

The Syrian army announced Israel hit targets in an industrial zone, but opposition sources say the site contained Iranian ammunition stores and a military airport used by Tehran’s forces.

The London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that one Iranian and six Iraqis fighting for the Syrian regime were killed in the airstrike and several others wounded.

Israel has not commented so far, a practice it has usually followed in hundreds of airstrikes in Syria.

Reuters quoted military experts saying Aleppo is one of the main areas where Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) keeps a presence.

The explosions caused an electricity blackout in Aleppo, as opposition sources said that an ammunition depot and a logistics hub used by Iran-supported militias were hit.

Another strike hit a target near Nairab military airport also said to be used by Iranian forces.

Israel has repeatedly said its aim is to drive Iran out of Syria and has admitted hitting hundreds of targets in the country connected with the Iranian military.

Despite military and diplomatic pressure, as well as crippling U.S. economic sanctions, Iran has vowed to stay in Syria. U.S. officials have accused Tehran of trying to establish a land bridge through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean.

With reporting by Reuters and AP