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Spokesman Blasts Arab Quartet For Criticism Of Iran's Missile Program

Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi. FILE PHOTO.
Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi. FILE PHOTO.

In a statement on March 5, the Spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said "allegations against Iran" and its missile program raised in the most recent statement of the Arab Quartet Committee were "hackneyed and groundless".

According to the statement Mousavi said that "the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military and missile defense power is homegrown" and that "such capabilities have never posed a threat to the Arab and Islamic countries and would not be subject to negotiations either".

However, accusing the regional countries of turning into "depots of American weapons" Mousavi said their arms purchases would not help the national power of these countries.

The Arab Ministerial Quartet Committee consists of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

According to Bahrain News Agency, the Arab Ministerial Quartet Committee discussed the developments of "the crisis with Iran" with the Secretary-General of the Arab League in a meeting that convened in Cairo on March 4 and denounced "the ongoing Iranian interference" in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, "Iran's support for terrorism" and attempts to "destabilize security and stability" in Bahrain.

The Committee, according to Bahrain News Agency, also hailed the decisions of a number of countries to classify Al-Ashtar Brigades in Bahrain as a terrorist organization. While charging that Iran nurtures Al-Ashtar Brigades, it also stressed that this reflects "the determination of the countries in the world to address terrorism and its advocators at the regional and international levels".

In his statement the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said the allegations reflect the "irresponsible views and strategic mistakes" of these countries and alleged that they are "the factors behind instability, insecurity and promotion of terrorism in the region themselves".

Mousavi also accused the members of the Quartet Committee of supporting "the suppression of the Bahraini people’s peaceful demonstrations", "the creation of an all-out support for the Daesh (ISIS) terrorists and criminals in Iraq and Syria", and "the fake Saudi-led coalition’s move" to launch war on Yemen.