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Soleimani Remarks Contradict Government Orders For Evacuating Flood Areas

Qod's force commander Qassem Soleimani visiting Ahvaz, in flood-stricken Khuzestan province. April 8, 2019

The commander of Iran’s Qods force, Qassem Soleimani has made remarks that contradict government orders for people to evacuate areas threatened by floods.

On a visit to oil-producing Khuzestan province, Soleimani said, “Areas I visited in Khuzestan, I was overwhelmed by the efforts of the residents, who despite government’s strong insistence to evacuate were resisting [the floods] with elementary means”.

He made the remark at a time when more than 70 people have dies in floods and the government has urged residents of many towns and villages to evacuate to escape unprecedented floods.

Khuzestan’s Karkheh Dam is considered to be in a precarious situation as its reservoir is full and some claim to have seen cracks developing on its earthen walls.

Government officials in recent days have complained that despite their warnings many villagers refuse to leave their homes.

On April 3 a clash took place between farmers and security forces linked with the Revolution Guards in Sousangerd and one protester was killed. The military was trying to open a route for flood waters into farmlands to save cities from flooding.