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Sex Videos On Social Media In Iran Get Public Figures In Trouble

Ali Ahmad Ahmadi former member of parliament and a former governor. Undated

A series of various videos published on social media in Iran showing public officials in embarrassing sexual acts have led to controversy.

The dean of Tehran Teachers’ University on Wednesday said he thinks a professor seen in a video of sexual nature should not continue serving at the institution.

The name of the professor has not been officially disclosed, but Dean Mohammad Taqi Ahmadi told ISNA news website, “The Intelligence Ministry and the Judiciary have intervened in this case and are investigating the issue, but our own investigation has unfortunately revealed the film is authentic”.

He added that if “Competent authorities fail to take any steps, we will refer the case to the university’s violations committee”.

He also admitted that the professor in question is the head of a research center at the university.

The comes at a time when in recent days videos have been published showing a former governor Ali Ahmad Ahmadi and also the mayor of a city near Shiraz engaged in sexual acts.

A person close to Mr. Ahmadi told a local website that the former governor was married to the woman in the video on a temporary basis. In Iran’s Shiite tradition, in addition to having up to four wives, men can also have Siqeh, or temporary marriages. In many circumstances, lovers get married on this basis to make their relationship socially and legally acceptable.

Before becoming governor of Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad province. Ahmadi was a member of parliament (2011-2015) and chairman of the Budget and Planning Committee.