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Saudi Foreign Minister Says Attack On Aramco Oil 'Came From The North'

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir. File photo

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has said his country is convinced Iran was behind the attack on Aramco’s oil facilities in September and the region an “Iran Problem”.

In a discussion held in Chatham House in London on Monday, October 21 Adel Al-Jubeir said that “we will always have an Iran problem as they keep on meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.” He also accused Tehran of supporting terrorism in the region.

Iran denies any role in the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations, but the United States and European Union countries have reiterated they believe Iran was behind the attacks.

Al-Jubeir called Europe’s stance “the correct one” and added, “We are convinced that the missile attacks on Saudi facilities came from the north, not south. We have asked the UN for an investigation and we are consulting with our allies on what actions to take next.”

Relations between Saudi Arabia have been tense for several years as the two supported opposing sides in the Syrian and Yemeni civil wars. But since May when the U.S. imposed a total ban on Iranian oil exports, Iran issued threats that if it cannot export oil, no one can feel safe in the Persian Gulf.

Iran calls Saudi Arabia and its allies in the region lackeys of the Unites Sates, but Jubeir called on Iran to behave like a “normal country”.

“We don't want war but we also can't sit idle and be attacked constantly by Iran and its proxies. What Iran needs to do is very simply to act like a normal country and stop its destabilizing the region with murderous actions," Al-Jubeir said.