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Saudis Say One Dead In Missile Attack By Yemeni Rebels

Borkan missiles at the disposal of Yemen's Houthi rebels.

Saudi forces have intercepted seven ballistic missiles fired by Yemeni rebels in an attack that has left at least one person dead and two others injured.

"Air defense forces intercept and destroy seven ballistic missiles fired at the kingdom," state news channel Al-Akhbariya quoted the Saudi-led military coalition as saying on March 26.

Officials said the casualties were caused by fragments of one of the missiles falling from the sky into a residential area in the capital, Riyadh. One report said the dead and injured were all Egyptian citizens.

The Reuters and AFP news agencies had earlier said witnesses reported hearing several loud explosions and seeing bright flashes in the sky just before midnight.

The SABA news agency run by Huthi rebels in neighboring Yemen reported that the group's missile force had targeted King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh with a Burkan H2 missile.

Saudi authorities have previously reported intercepting projectiles launched by the Huthi and have blamed Tehran for supplying the weapons.

Iran has denied the allegations, despite evidence displayed by the United States and the Saudis that they say proves the missiles were provided by Terhan.

Sunni-led Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran are involved in what has been called a proxy war in Yemen, where Tehran supports the Shi'ite Huthi rebels fighting against the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.

Based on reporting by Reuters, AP, and AFP