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Saudi Officials Call On International Community To 'Take Firm' Stand Against Iran

Saudi Arabia's permanent representative to the United Nations Abdallah Al-Mouallimi speaks at the UN headquarters in New York on January 22, 2015

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday called on the International community to “deal seriously with the nuclear and ballistic programs being developed by Iran" and to take appropriate measures to extend the UN arms embargo on the country.

According to the Saudi state news agency SPA, the call was made during a cabinet meeting to review the U.N. Security Council's discussion of a report on Iran's alleged involvement in missile attacks against the Saudis.

The call was also made in a statement sent to Russian media on Tuesday by the Saudi Ambassador to Moscow. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi who cited Iranian-backed Houthi attacks on Saudi territory as evidence of Iran's danger for the region and the world. The statement said the international community should put pressure on the Iranian regime to stop its "hostile foreign policy" and "support of terrorism".

Speaking to China's CGTN America on July 6, Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.N., said extending the arms embargo on Iran was urgently required. Al-Maouallimi has called the nuclear deal with Iran "has proven itself to be faulty and full of holes". He also said Saudi Arabia is seeking to convince Russia and China to support the extension of the embargo.

He also said it is about time to review the nuclear deal in its entirety and to consider all options against Iran including an arms embargo.

Russia and China have objected to extending the embargo on Iran which is set to end in October. Iranian officials have not yet commented on the call to the international community made by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia blames Iran for attacks on ARAMCO oil facilities in September 2019. Iran vehemently denies any involvement but Al-Ghamdi said his country has identified the source of the equipment and missiles used in the alleged Iranian attack.

A U.N. report prepared by Secretary-General António Guterres on the implementation of Resolution 2231, which was released in late June said weapons “of Iranian origin” had been used in several attacks against Saudi Arabia last year. Saudi Arabia welcomed the report and said it proves Iran's culpability.

Iran and Saudi Arabia cut their diplomatic ties in 2015 after hardliners stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the kingdom's consulate in Mashhad.