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Reuters: Dance Colleague Confirms Tikhonova Is Putin's Younger Daughter

Katerina Tikhonova has long been widely believed to be the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. (file photo)

Reuters reports that a colleague of Katerina Tikhonova from the World Rock‘n‘Roll Confederation (WRRC) has confirmed that she is the younger daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The news agency quoted WRRC Vice President for Legal Affairs Manfred Mohab as saying in an interview on November 26 that he knew Tikhonova through their work together on the confederation's presidium.

When asked whether he knew Tikhonova was Putin's daughter, he said, "Yes. I know her, yes of course." Asked a second time, he said, "Yes."

Reuters said the Kremlin and Tikhonova did not respond to requests for comment.

In January 2015, Russia's RBC became the first media outlet to write about Tikhonova, despite the Kremlin's long-running refusal to confirm details about the president's family.

Tikhonova, 31, reportedly uses a surname inherited from her grandmother. She serves as the WRRC’s vice president for expansion and marketing and is said to run publicly-funded projects at Moscow State University.

She is also reportedly married to Kirill Shamalov, the son of a longtime friend of Putin.

Based on reporting by Reuters