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Russia Conducts Ballistic Missile Tests

Several missiles were fired as part of the tests, including a Topol ICBM. (file photo)

Russia conducted several ballistic missile tests on October 26 from "land, air and sea" as part of its strategic nuclear program, the Defense Ministry said.

A Topol intercontinental ballistic missile was fired from the Plesetsk testing ground in northwestern Russia, the ministry said in a statement.

Three ballistic missiles were launched by two nuclear missile submarines (SSBNs), two from the Okhotsk Sea, north of Japan, and one from the Barents Sea, in the Arctic Ocean.

Russian military forces "have carried out an exercise to manage its strategic nuclear forces," the statement said.

Tu-160, Tu-95MC and Tu-22M3 strategic bombers took off from several Russian air bases and launched cruise missiles at "ground-based" targets in Kamchatka, eastern Russia, in the Komi Republic, in the north, and on Russian military terrain in Kazakhstan.

"All objectives of the training have been successfully completed," the statement said.

Last month, Russia and Belarus conducted massive joint military maneuvers on NATO's eastern flank, amid concern in Poland and the Baltic states over Moscow's intentions.

On October 26, NATO states challenged Moscow over "discrepancies" concerning the number of troops involved in the exercises and the figures it announced officially.

"There is a discrepancy between what Russia briefed before the exercise... and the actual numbers and the scale and the scope of the exercise," NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg told reporters after a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC).

Based on reporting by AFP, Interfax, and TASS