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Rouhani Says U.S. Pursuing 'Discord And Divisions' In Iran

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani before delivering a speech in Tehran. May 4, 2019

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said in a speech on May 4 that the United States is trying to “sow discord and division” inside Iran.

Without providing any details Rouhani said, “To bring down the Islamic Republic, America is pursuing discord and division in the country, so we end up fighting against one another and trying to discredit each other”.

Rouhani added, “Unfortunately, some do not believe that we are in a political, economic and psychological war with America, but everyone should arrive at that conclusion”. He stressed that "America's war today is against hope".

To withstand the ever-increasing pressures from the Trump administration, Iran’s president suggested to find ways to increase the country’s foreign currency revenues and to decrease hard currency expenditures.

Iran, which mainly relies on its oil exports to finance its troubled economy, has lost most of its oil exports due to stringent U.S. sanctions since 2018. Iran’s crude exports are falling below one million barrels per day from a high of more than two million before the sanctions.

Rouhani called for an increase in oil sales and an “increase in production and exports to be able to prevent American plots…” aimed at reducing Iran’s income.

Rouhani did not say how his government plans to achieve those goals. Often, many declaratory policies by Iranian leaders are aimed at making an impression on their domestic audiences.