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Parts of the insulting poem read to Rouhani

Parts of the insulting poem read to Rouhani
“Thou who are sitting at the very front of the congregation
“The masses are still expecting you to do something
“The ones who are residing in their palace are going to be slapped by those who are living in shanty towns
“And the land grabbers are going to fall down and hit the ground
“Once again, the [U.S.] Senate has voted for imposing new sanctions [on Iran]
“[Therefore,] the body of JCPOA (the nuclear deal) is going to die along its spirit
“It [U.S.] took whatever possible from our money-bag
“This is [what I call] a win-win; for they [U.S.] took whatever we had, forever
“Now, it’s time for you to [resign] and sit back on your own seat
“Don’t twist the lion’s tail
“Cheers! to all those who felt our missiles [lethal impact]
“May the roars of our missiles echo in Riyadh and Haifa….”