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Rouhani Calls Trump Administration 'Racist' And 'Warmonger'

IRAN -- Iranian President Hassan Rohani attends a meeting in the southwestern city of Ahvaz during his tour to the Khuzestan province, March 29, 2019

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani in a speech on Friday harshly attacked the Trump administration, calling it “racist, law-breaker and warmonger”.

On a visit to deal with flood emergency in the oil-rich Khuzestan province Rouhani said that the country faces a year of sanctions and hardship, but he added that “with people’s sacrifice and resistance” these can be overcome.

The economic situation in Iran has sharply deteriorated in the past one year, partly due to new U.S. sanctions. Islamic Republic officials often call on people to endure the hardship but many blame the leadership for their problems.

In mass protests last year angry demonstrators were shouting slogans against Iran’s involvement in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, accusing the government of sending their money to foreigners.

The U.S. and to an extent Europe have been accusing Iran of meddling in other regional countries and spending resources to develop ballistic missiles.

Rouhani also accused the United States of engaging in illegal acts, such as recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and Washington’s recent decision to consider the Golan Heights, occupied during wars with Syria, as Israeli territory.

The Iranian president said these actions are non-peaceful and breach international law.

Rouhani also voiced satisfaction about Iran’s victory’s at the International Court in the Hague and a recent legal victory in a Luxembourg court regarding frozen or disputed Iranian assets.