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Report: Iran's Revolutionary Guard Kills 4 Militants

Iran--IRGC leaders meeting with Ali Khamenei, Islamic Republic Leader

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard is saying its forces have killed four members of a terrorist group in the country's south.

The Friday report by the semi-official Fars news agency quoting the Guard said the clash took place near the Saravan border point with Pakistan. It added that three other militants were wounded.

The report did not elaborate on their affiliation but said they were "linked to the global arrogance".

Fars also said a Guard member was lightly wounded during the clash.

Saravan is one of the border points in the southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province.

The area has been scene of occasional clashes between Iranian forces and Baluch separatists.

Security forces also periodically clash with drug traffickers in the province, which lies along a major smuggling route for Afghan opium and heroin.