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Protest Against Rouhani In Yazd Dismissed As 'An Organized' Effort

Protesters in the central Iranian city of Yazd holding placards, criticizing President Hassan Rouhani. Nov. 10, 2019

The governor of Yazd, where Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani was heckled on Sunday, says the protest was an organized effort, without saying who was behind it.

IRNA news website controlled by the presidential administration quoted an unnamed source in the governor’s office as saying, provincial authorities know who is behind “this small group”.

Governors are appointed by the president in Iran and are usually chosen from among his supporters.

On Sunday, November 10, Rouhani was giving a speech in Yazd, central Iran when a relatively large group of mostly young protesters began shouting slogans against his policies. One of the slogans was shaming Rouhani for negotiating with the United States.

There are also video clips on social media showing many in the crowd shouting “Inflation, high prices; answer to these Rouhani”.

This prompted the president to say that those who criticize his government are helping the United States.

Rouhani asked the large crowd gathered to hear his speech, that “a few individuals” do not represent the people.