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Police Suspends Night Life In Tehran

File photo:Iranians celebrate on the streets of Tehran early on June 13, 2017, after their national football team won the 2018 World Cup qualifying football match between Iran and Uzbekistan. (Photo by STRINGER / AFP)

Police has banned night life in Tehran after a Tehran city Council member announced the designation of night-life areas in the Iranian capital in coordination with the Police, Iranian agencies reported on Monday June 10.

Night life in Tehran simply means some restaurants, coffee shops and tea houses can remain open until 3 A.M.

Tehran Police Chief Hassan Rahimi told reporters on Monday: "There is no night life allowed. We have notified businesses that they should close by 1 A.M."

Earlier on Monday, Tehran City Councillor Zahra Nejad Bahram said police has agreed with the City Council to keep open some businesses in designated areas in various parts of Tehran for citizens' night life.

Iranian police and hijab patrols have been clamping down on parties and other gatherings recently with a renewed rigor.

In an odd reaction, some Iranians on social media took this as a good sign, arguing that whenever the government makes life harder for ordinary citizens, it is probably compromising on some of its red lines in international politics.