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Police Say 'Terror' Group Arrested In Iran Before They Could Attack Rally

Weapons police say were captured from an armed group in Sanandaj, Iran. May 31, 2019

The police chief in Western Iranian city of Sanandaj has claimed three people have been arrested for planning a “terrorist” act during the street rallies on the occasion of “Qods Day”, or Jerusalem day, an important annual show of solidarity with Palestinians organized by the state.

Ali Azadi announced Friday May 31 that the accused “were arrested before they could carry out any action” and three assault rifles, 13 magazines and 390 rounds of ammunition were captured.

Azadi did not provide any information about the suspects' identity or affiliation. He only said they belonged to an “anti-revolutionary” group.

The Islamic Republic labels armed Kurdish dissident and separatist groups as “anti-revolutionary”. Sanandaj is in Iran’s Kurdistan province, where Kurdish armed groups operate, often crossing into Iran from safe heavens in neighboring Iraq.

Iran also labels the Islamic State group as “anti-revolutionary” and in the past security forces have claimed IS militants have crossed into Iran for attacks.

The Islamic Republic routinely claims it has foiled terror attacks and arrested suspects but it rarely reveals their identity or reports about any trials.

Last September an armed group opened fire on a military parade in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran and killed two dozen people. Both Arab separatists and the IS claimed responsibility.