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Police Officer Killed In Iran In The Aftermath Of Bloody Protests

A gunman wounded on the ground after shooting a policeman in the city of Shadehgan, Iran. December 3, 2019

Iran’s official government news website IRNA says that an attacker took a police officer’s gun from him and killed him today in a town in the oil-rich Khuzestan province.

The report says the attacker, in one of the main squares of Shadehgan, used a knife to take away a police officer’s gun and then shot and killed him.

The incident took place at 8:45 in the morning and a passerby was also wounded.

IRNA says the assailant was arrested after he was wounded but does not explain the circumstances. However, it says an accomplice was able to flee the scene. Law enforcement officials have promised to reveal more details about the incident.

The report does not speculate on the possible reasons for the attack on the police officer.

Khuzestan was the scene of fierce anti-government protests in November. Security forces used overwhelming force against protesters, using military-grade weapons to kill dozens. In one city, Mahshahr alone up to 100 people are feared dead.

It is not clear if the murder of the police officer was related to the protests.

Widespread protests engulfed the country when on November 15 the government raised gasoline prices. Protests quickly turned into a political upheaval.