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Police In Iran Announce More Arrests, But No Official Word On Casualties

Iran's prosecutor general visiting Fashafuyeh Prison near Tehran as some detained protesters are seen on the right. November 24, 2019

Authorities in Iran have announced the arrest of 34 more protesters in three different cities, claiming some of them were local protest leaders or elements who attacked public buildings.

The police commander in Fars Province said 15 protesters were arrested in Shiraz, capital of the province and labeled them “main perpetrators of destruction and arson”.

In Lorestan Province, the police commander announced the detention 17 people on Sunday and said they were “main elements” inciting disturbances and were identified “in a short period of time”.

In Hamedan the police announced the arrest of two people, claiming they were captures during a robbery attempt and had documents from bank they had set ablaze.

The police in the three provinces did not publish any names. In fact, Iranian authorities have not disclosed the total number of arrests during last week’s protests. Radio Farda and other media estimate the number to be around 4,800.

It is impossible to verify information coming from the police or judicial authorities in Iran, as there are no independent media in the country and no disclosure rules. Almost all trials of political nature are held behind closed doors, without any due process of law.

Estimates about the number of protesters killed range from 115-200. Radio Farda’s conservative estimate puts the number at 138.

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