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Plane Crash Victims' Families Say No Official In Iran Has Contacted Them

Hiva Molani his wife Evin and their daughter Kordia were on the Ukrainian flight returning to Canada on January 8, 2020

Iranian authorities have not contacted any of the families whose loved ones were on the Ukrainian airline flight shot down near Tehran by Iran’s military on January 8.

After three days of repeated denials by Iranian officials that the airliner was shot down, Iran’s armed forces admitted January 11 that they “inadvertently” shot down flight 752 a short time after launching missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq.

The brother of one of the victims told Radio Farda that so far, no Iranian official has contacted the family. Shahram Molani says his brother Hiva Molani, his wife Evin Arsalani and their young daughter Kordia were on the flight to Kyiv.

Mr. Molani says that they have still not received the bodies of the three victims. The family flew to Iran for the wedding of Hiva Molani.

The sister of another victim Ghanimat Azhdari also confirmed the lack of communication on Friday in an interview with Radio Farda. Azhdari who was a doctoral student in Canada returned to Iran to see her family and was flying back for the spring semester.

The sister told Radio Farda, “We will never forgive this crime” and added, “The Islamic Republic has proven in the past 40 years that except killing and bringing misfortune to the Iranian people has done nothing. This event will also go down in history as the rest of their crimes”.

Iran’s military claims the plane came close to a military base, but after take off the airliner was gaining speed moving at its normal path.