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Opposition Website Reports 236 Iran Protesters Killed In Tehran Alone

Photos of some of the protesters killed in Iran, released by Amnesty International. November 29, 2019

A website close to Iran’s opposition Green Movement has reported that 156 protesters killed by security forces have been taken to Tehran’s Behesht Zahra cemetery and 80 others have been transferred to other parts of the country. reported on November 30 that “Reliable sources quoting officials from Behesht Zahra have said that 156 compatriots have been processed by the cemetery and 80 bodies sent to other cities and towns”. The bodies sent elsewhere might be students or people who are not permanent residents of greater Tehran region.

This means 236 people were killed in Iran’s capital Tehran and its nearby satellite town alone. Kalameh had reported earlier that a total of 366 protesters were killed from November 15 when anti-government demonstrations began after a sudden gasoline price hike. However, if in Tehran the death toll is more than 200, the overall figure for the country can be even higher than 366.

The London-based human rights organization Amnesty International has reported 161 deaths based on information available to it. The Iranian government has not issued any figures and has tried to hide information from citizens, media and watchdogs. But Kalameh representing a political movement appears to have sources inside Iran.

Kalameh also provides details of how many people were killed in each part of Tehran.

Iranian officials on Saturday tried to discredit casualty figures announced by media or entities outside the country, without providing any official numbers.

Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran’s General Prosecutor told local media, “I don’t have the latest figures”, adding, “Fortunately, people who are abroad have no access to information and numbers. They publish different figures and none of them is reliable”.