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Official Coronavirus Death Toll In Iran Exceeds 25,000

An Iranian employee wearing a protective face mask and gloves checks a face mask on a production line manufacturing face masks at a factory

With the reported death of 175 COVID-19 victims over the course of one day, the official coronavirus death toll in Iran exceeded 25,000 people, the country's Ministry of Health announced on Thursday, September 24.

In her daily report on Thursday, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health Sima Sadat Lari announced the identification of 3,521 new patients and noted that about 4,000 victims are currently in a severe condition and hospitalized in intensive care units.

According to the same official report, the total number of patients infected with coronavirus in Iran has reached 436,319.

Some independent experts have questioned the accuracy of the Ministry of Health's daily and official statistics, with sources claiming that the number of coronavirus-related cases and victims in Iran is at least double the official statistics.

Mohsen Hashemi, the chairman of the Tehran City Council, also announced that the number of COVID-19 victims in Tehran has increased again after a decline, reaching 70 per day.

"The number of COVID-19 deaths in Tehran had increased to more than 100 a day and then dropped to 49, but now that number has risen again, and reached 70 people a day," Hashemi reported.

On Tuesday, the Deputy Minister of Health of Iran, Iraj Haririchi, declared the situation in Tehran province "super red."

Around the same time, the chairman of the Medical Council of Iran, Mostafa Moin, announced that 700 people were hospitalized in Tehran overnight, describing it as a "great catastrophe."

According to the Ministry of Health, the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Qom, East Azerbaijan, South Khorasan, Semnan, Qazvin, Lorestan, Ardabil, Khuzestan, Kermanshah, Gilan, Bushehr, Zanjan, Ilam, Khorasan Razavi, Mazandaran, Alborz, Azerbaijan West, Central, Kerman, North Khorasan, Hamedan, and Yazd are in the "red status."