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Official Calls Arrest Of Former Iran Prosecutor In Sweden A "Conspiracy'

A copy of the passport of Iranian national Hamid Nouri, who's been arrested in Sweden, allegedly for his involvement in Iran's mass killing of dissident prisoners in 1988.

Spokesman of Iran’s parliamentary legal commission has denied that a person arrested in Sweden earlier this month is a former assistant prosecutor involved in mass killings of prisoners in Iran in 1988.

Hamid Nouri who was arrested November 9 was reportedly a member of the execution committee at the notorious Gohardasht Prison near Tehran at the time, when close to 5,000 opposition activists serving their prison terms were summarily executed.

The spokesman said, “We don’t have a person who was an assistant prosecutor in 88 and is now arrested”. He added, “I believe this is a conspiracy, otherwise a person who was a prosecutor in the past and played a role in the 1988 executions - what was he doing in a European country? Someone who was a prosecutor at the time in Iran, now he would be a judge”.

Others involved in carrying out the orders to kill prisoners have senior positions in Iran. Ebrahim Raeesi (Raeisi) who is currently head of Iran’s Judiciary was one of the members of a quartet who planned and oversaw the executions.

International human rights organizations have acknowledged and condemned the killings, demanding accountability.

A former prisoner in Iran collected documents throughout the years that have identified Nouri as a prosecutor involved in the 1988 killings.